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Tourism Management

Master of Travel and Tourism Management, started this year, will be designated MBA (Travel Management) and it will be offered through ICET counselling, making it a competitive courses to be sought. In a district where Buddhist, Jaina, Islamic, Pallavan archaeological edicts and monuments are found in abundance, in a district replete with the history of a confluence of cultures, this course, it is felt, is most desirable for a re-telling of history, myth, and folklore through its monuments. 

The University would like to strengthen the nine existing courses of studying by offering specializations which have contemporary relevance, and which suit regional, industrial / human resource requirements in the light of Rs.70,000/- crores capital investment the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has undertaken for enlarging the industrial base of the district by setting up four Special Economic Zones, apparel parks, and tannery industries. This is in addition to the rapidly expanding energy industry in the private sector, commercial activity due to the renewed launching of Krishnapatnam Port and other globally competitive enterprises that have made an impact on an essentially agriculture-producing Nellore district.