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Vikrama Simhapuri University PG Centre, Kavali, has its reference to the dynamic vision of late Sri D. Ramachandra Reddy who started for the first time P.G. Courses (Visvodaya Management) in 1972. Economics in 1972 and Commerce in 1973 were the two courses started at Tummalapenta (Ravindra Nagar) which were transferred to Jawahar Bharati Campus in 1976 due to Toofan(Cyclone). Subsequently in 1978, the two courses were handed over to S.V.University, Tirupati with which P.G. Centre became a full fledged P.G. Centre with the introduction of two more courses (Science Courses) - Physics and Zoology in September 1979 with Prof. K. Sasirababu as founder Special Officer for a full fledged S.V. University P.G extension Centre, Kavali (In due course extension deleted). In 1984, the PG Centre got shifted to its own campus of 77.8 acres on the Peddapavani Road (nearly 1.5 km. from Kavali trunk road). In addition to the regular (budgeted) four courses - Economics, Commerce, Physics and Zoology, MCA course also was started in 1997 as a founder self supporting (Financing) course. At present there are eleven courses - 4 regular and 7 self supporting courses. The sanctioned staff strength in regular courses is 5 - (1 Professor, 1 Asso. Professor and 3 Asst. Professors) while the Self Financing Courses are run by the Coordinator (nominated - Regular Staff member) and the qualified Academic Consultants.

STUDENT PERFORMANCE : The P.G. Centre has got is reputation in both academic and research spheres. Students have secured good ranks and sometimes excelled their counter parts at the main campus, Tirupati by securing top ranks and gold medals. Most of the students have occupied higher positions in academic institutions as well as research institutions besides government services.

CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT : Greenery in the Campus has been the high light of the PG Centre due to the efforts of Late Prof. G. Raghava Reddy, during his regime as Special Officer. Most of his research students (scholars) have contributed their might in developing the campus by sanctioning grants under Social Forestry Scheme (DRDO) and also some crucial balance grants of the district. Under extension activities, clean and green programmes, bush clearing etc. have been taken up by the students and staff of the PG Centre. NSS unit has played a major role in this context. Organizing Blood donation camps, AIDS awareness programmes and Pulse polio rallies have been the regular activities of the centre.

RESEARCH AND CONSULTANCY : Even since the inception of the centre, there has been a good amount of research output besides excellent academic activity. Several research projects (worth 1 crore) have been operated, financed by various organizations like CSIR, ICSSR, UGC, DBT etc.. Quite a good number of Ph.Ds. (~160) and M.Phils (300) have also been awarded in many research fields of current importance. Research has also been carried out in collaboration with national institutions and also some govt. sector organizations. Consultancy with some national and private organizations also has been the salient feature of departments like Zoology, Bio Technology, Microbiology etc., More than 35 books and 700 research articles in national and internationally reputed journals have been the distinct contribution by the faculty of the PG Centre. There have been organized / conducted nearly 15 national seminars and several major projects have been completed.

LIBRARY : PG Centre Library is well equipped with quite a good (large) number of books (~ 30,000) and journals (~20) useful for students. The library is well furnished and is situated in an area of 9,600 sq. ft.

LABORATORIES : Two Computer laboratories (A/C) - one for MCA and the other (Computer Centre) for other departments have been catering to the needs of all the students in carrying out the computer practicals. About 100 systems (updated) have been procured. Each Science (Bio Tech Lab, Physics, Zoology , Botany Labs) Department is also well equipped with the necessary gadgets in the recent and advanced fields. The total cost of the equipment is close to one Crore Rupees.

Building Infrastructure : The office and all the eleven departments are housed in the academic building with two floors, the total plinth area being 26,000 sq. ft. 19 single span (24'x12') and 24 double span rooms besides 4 span and 3 span rooms accommodate the entire academic sphere. About 9,600 sq. ft. area for library block and 10,800 and 25,50 sq. ft. for Men's Hostel and Women's Hostel have been allocated.

UGC Plan Grant Received :Since inception, the Centre has received huge amounts of grant from UGC towards Equipment, Buildings, Books and Journals etc., during the Five Year Plans as it was under the jurisdiction of S.V.University till 31-03-2012. More than one crore rupees have been sanctioned towards infrastructural facilities during the recent Five Plans (VII - XI Plans). Such a grant P.G.Centre, being an asset to any university has now become an asset to Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore which requires encouragement and sanction of huge grants by the UGC for its further development and development of the university as well. Hence the P.G. Centre which is the major part and parcel of the University is shown as a major entity for claiming B-12 for recognition by the UGC for sanction of various grants and projects. P.G.Centre should not be deprived of the development further by the university which should be recognized in the proper perspective by the UGC for various grants, provisions and privileges both financially and infra structurally. More over for sanctioning major projects by the UGC to the staff members of the University UGC recognition B-12 is required for which our P.G.Centre is the Major source with all infrastructure and other funding facilities already established.

Additional: Five staff members - Prof.K. Sasira Babu, Prof.N.Prabhakara Rao, Prof.G. Chandra Sekara Rao, Prof.G. Rajarami Reddy and Dr.K.D.L. Job Paul have been awarded the State Best Teacher Award (A.P. State Govt.). Another staff member, Prof.M. Srinivasulu Reddy is a recipient of awards (Red Cross Society) and awards for Social Service. Another Staff member, Prof. P. Venkata Rao is recipient of Prakruti Mitra Award by the government of Andhra Pradesh.